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  • Collaboration Capabilities: It allows teams to work together effectively publishing documentation, fulfilling the task lists, implementing their own workflows and sharing information across Wiki applications or blogs.
  • Portals: It contributes to create and customizing your own website to share information with others and achieve a unique and specific user experience  and provide content and structure to a corporate web portal based on the definition and user needs
  • Enterprise Search:Simplifies finding people, businesses and content across enterprise applications.
  • Enterprise Content Management: Create and manage documents, records and shows specific web content to the speed you need.
  • Business Process and Forms: Let’s you create workflows and electronic processes that are manage and develop adapted for your business.
  • Business Intelligence: Allows access to confidential and relevant company information to allowed users and providing them tools for the publishing, analysis and visualization of this information, you will definitely provide a better capacity for decision-making.

Allow SharePoint to provide to your company the most effective tools on the market. It has a single, integrated platform that manages applications in the intranet, extranet and Internet applications across the enterprise. They provide that:

  • Users gain greater control over the storage, security, distribution and management of their electronic content, with tools that are easy to use and fully integrate in regular applications.
  • Organizations can accelerate shared business processes with customers and partners surpassing the limits of the organization.
  • Workers involved can find information and data easily and effectively through information sharing functionality and simplified content publishing. In addition, access to server data is easily achieved through a browser, and even the views in this data can be customized.
  • Administrators have effective tools for implementation, management and administration of the system, thereby save time for strategic tasks.
  • Programmers create a new class of applications that combines the functionality of the programmer with the flexibility and ease of implementation of SharePoint. Using these services, developers can create advanced applications using less code.


Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated server tool and features that help improve overall business efficiency. Content management improves and simplifies global enterprise search.

That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone.

With SharePoint will make all intranets, extranets and Web applications in your organization or business stay in one integrated platform, instead of relying on different independent systems.

In addition, this system of collaboration and content management provides IT professionals and developers, the platform and the necessary server management tools, application flexibility and a working relationship.



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