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Electronic Invoice


What's electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is above all a bill. That is, proof of delivery of goods or the provision of services, with the same legal effect as a paper bill but is issued and received electronically.

As well we reported previously and if your company provides goods or services to the public authorities. From the January 15, 2015 it is necessary to adapt its billing process to this legislation. All bills must be electronically and digitally signed with an authorized certificate.

Active since we simplify these procedures offering our electronic invoicing module that will facilitate sending and receiving invoices from the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Benefits "Our solution” :

  • Shorten processing cycles, including the collection.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Eliminate printing costs and postage.
  • Facilitate faster , flexible and easy access to the stored bills.
  • Drastically reducing the need for storage space.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Eliminating paper consumption and transport, and a positive effect on the Environment.
  • Streamline and optimize the process of sending invoices between companies and public administrations, valuably reducing the costs associated with shipments.


The Electronic Invoice for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Within the electronic invoicing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are three different levels of bill :

Level 1: No structured format: Signing PDF

Electronic billing module allows you to send invoices to Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers, in PDF format, signed with the digital certificate in a fully integrated environment. With this functionality you can generate the signed invoice and email it as an attachment.


Level 2: With structured format: XML Document Generation 3.2.1

Facturae required by the public administration. Facturae is a standard format created by the Government of Spain, to try to unify the generation of electronic invoices with a single format that aims to be universal.

Electronic invoices to public authorities must have three specific requirements:

  • Be written in a specific computer language ( Facturae 3.2 or 3.2.1 )
  • Be signed electronically.
  • Indicate the recipient of the electronic invoice.

Thanks to the electronic invoicing module, Facturae for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Active designed. You can generate from Microsoft Dynamics NAV the required format following the standard Facturae and generate the corresponding validation of integrated quickly and easily way, thereby allowing the administration to send the invoice to the administration reducing costs and processing errors.


Level 3: Integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the FACE website.

Face is the general gateway electronic bill of the General State Administration.

This system enables suppliers to send electronic invoices to those organizations that have the ability to receive them. Sending electronic invoices to the recipient body, simplifying providers sending them, unifying the format and at a single point centralizing all agencies AGE.

From our e-invoicing module we offer the automation of this process, giving ypu the possibility of receiving and managing these invoices from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Once installed and configured the module FACE integration with the system will allow the realization of the following services provided by the portal FACE own:

  • Submission of the bill in electronic format
  • View and track the status of invoices submitted
  • Check the directory organisms attached to the system and therefore may be billed for that system
  • Order the cancellation of the invoice sent

All these services are performed within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP without without accessing the FACE portal. Apart, from Active we have worked for our electronic invoicing module can be integrated with other regional portals, not integrated in FACE, without the need to get out of the ERP.



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