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According to the prestigious international consulting Gartner, "BI is an iterative process to explore and analyze structured information about an area (usually stored in a data warehouse), to discover trends or patterns, from which derive ideas and draw conclusions."

Active define Business Intelligence, or BI, as a set of tools and technologies from data management of a company that it used to synthesize information that facilitates decision-making right. It is, therefore, the key point to exploit and capitalize on all investments that companies make in information technology and in this sense we like to highlight three key aspects:

Make better decisions quickly.
The main objective of BI is help to improve the performance of the company, boosting its competitive edge in the market. Managers make their decisions based on their experiences, their understanding of the business, their business plans and especially in the information. While the first things change slowly, the information constantly changing significantly and very quickly.

Turning data into information.
To make the right decisions quickly managers need relevant and useful information to hand and at the right time. Organizations generate and store increasingly large amounts of data which are difficult and slow to interpret for managers. This is the gap that BI helps to jump, providing metrics and indicators that summarize and clarify its interpretation.

Manage the company based on rationality.
Apply the scientific method to business management: data collection (identify data sources), evaluate theories of behavior (relations of cause and effect behavior with customers, suppliers, products, competitors, employees, geographic area, etc.), experiment theories (decision making aligned with the objectives) and measure their application (measures, indicators and graphics)




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