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With Active Dashboard you can to rate the overall performance of your business from Microsoft Excel, compare the actual ratios against its objectives and minimize risk in decision-making with supported by a well-known, simple and reliable system.

Active Dashboard is designed on the Microsoft Dynamics information using technologies specific to Microsoft Business Intelligence usually available at no additional cost, in the majority of companies: SQL Server, Office and PowerPivot for Excel.

The Dashboard includes a data warehouse that collects and structure information from the Microsoft Dynamics database with the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the understanding of information to the analysts.

We convert the column and internal tables name in understandable names for people. We grouped information from multiple tables in a single view with all relevant information.

  • Providing contrasted information.

The extraction processes filter information, intermediate calculations and obtain aggregate information from correct data sources.

  • Do not penalize the performance and safety of Microsoft Dynamics.

This data warehouse is updated automatically and programmed according to the desired frequency. PowerPivot is the tool for Business Intelligence that Microsoft Excel incorporated from Office 2010/2013 version. Thanks to the design of Active Dashboard on this new tool, we can offer a high degree of flexibility, friendliness and we allows to the user to adapt it without difficulties to their needs and generate new queries.




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